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About us

We're Bilanx!

Our goal is to provide the best services your company requires and for this we have a team of professionals trained to serve your organization.

We provide our clients with the technical capacity and professional experience, thus contributing to the decision making process that allows us to increase productivity and operational efficiency in an increasingly competitive global market and in a constantly evolving technological environment.

To achieve this objectives, we have a group of professionals with extensive experience in providing permanent assistance. Accountants and Lawyers with solid professional knowledge and proactivity at the service of the client.

What does Bilanx offer?

Our legal service is based on personal treatment with clients, we provide preventive advice, seeking solutions to legal problems quickly and effectively.

We assist companies and individuals in all aspects of their professional activity, through continuous advice. We are characterized for carrying out work that fits the profile of each client, acting with honesty and integrity and according to the ethical guidelines established for the exercise. of the profession.

We guarantee comprehensive legal advice appropriate to the needs that arise, covering the main areas of business, civil, labor and criminal law.

We intervene in all types of civil proceedings, highlighting in inheritance and family matters, damages, accident of transit, contracts, and matters related to property, from its early stages as it turns out to be the mediation between the people involved, going through the entire process until the last recursive instances.

We provide advice on commercial litigation, either in execution processes, recovery of debt, bankruptcy, exchange actions or administrative summaries. The work environment of people is an important facet for our clients and in order to protect their work legacy is that we intervene in the preparation of settlements, telegrams, labor lawsuits in all its stages.

Finally, we act in cases related to fraud, tax crimes and other criminal expressions that attempt against the companies or the people that compose it.

Investments in Argentina

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Advice in Argentina


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Vision & Mission

Our vision is to be a consultancy recognized for its excellence and quality in the provision of services, through comprehensive and personalized advice to our customers.
Our vision is to be a recognized as an studio for its excellence and quality in the provision of services, through comprehensive and personalized advice to our customers.Bilanx’s mission is to provide a high-level professional service, offering specific solutions to our client’s needs and accompanying them in their growth. Our philosophy is to generate value to optimize its effectiveness and productivity. We are motivated by the permanent search for customer satisfaction.


Tax Advice

The increasing complexity of tax regulations (both nationally and provincial jurisdictions) makes it imperative to have personalized, professional and updated advice on this matter. Our Accounting Firm can provide you with this help that is increasingly important when optimizing your project.

– Monthly and annual tax settlement.

– Advice to self-employers

– Information and Retention Regimes.

– Processing of inscriptions.

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Payment of salaries and wages.

Our Firm is responsible for carrying out the complete salary settlement process for your employees. The main advantages for your company that this outsourcing entails are, among others: cost savings, confidentiality, optimization of time and resources.

-Liquidation of salaries and wages.

– DDJJ AFIP (F931) and union ballots.

– Discharges and dismissals of employees.

– Proactive advice of the CCT.

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Counseling and Accounting Services

We offer a complete and specialized outsourcing of all the services related to the accounting of your company. Our team has professional public accountants enrolled in both the Council of Professional Economics of the City of Buenos Aires as well as the Province of Buenos Aires.

– Preparation of Financial Statements.

– Accounting Reports and Certifications.

– Auditing of Financial Statements.

– Analysis and projection of Financial Statements.

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Corporate Services

We offer advice for the choice and constitution of the most suitable corporate form for your business project, through a thorough and professional analysis of the characteristics and complexities of your business.

– Corporate framework for your project.

– Incorporation of Companies.

– Modifications to Social Capital.

– Transformation of companies.

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Bilanx Internacional Consulting Division.

Bilanx Internacional

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