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Planning, Coordination of Trade Missions – AMERICA – ASIA – EUROPE – with regard to Governments and Private Activity Logistical, Structural Support, participation in Trade Shows – Business Meetings.


Search for Partners – Partnerships for Development – Identify business opportunities COMMERCIAL – INDUSTRIAL and INVESTMENT. Organization of SEMINARS, CONFERENCES, WORKSHOPS, TALKS, DEBATE.


Objective, Growth in a Profitable and Sustainable Way Evaluating – Redirecting the Business Structure – Restructuring Management.


Mergers and Acquisitions – Public Offer of Companies – OPA – Counseling in the Negotiation – Instrumentation of association agreements and agreements between shareholders Expansion in New Markets – International Contracting [Including Distribution-Supply agreements] Franchises – Joint Ventures – Strategic Alliances



It works in an integral way with companies that generate goods or services that act internationally. It maintains a fluid relationship with Chambers – Business Associations – Provincial State Goverments Estates at the Industrial Economic level Services. Complement work with Universities through the OID – Organización Interamerican Organization for the development.

The BENEFIT of working with BILANX Consulting Division is:

Key tool in the decision making.

Relevant Information on Foreign Markets.

Market Study.

Access Conditions.

Corporate Legal Coverage.

Tax.- Tariff.

Uses and Customs. Relevation, Search, Contact with Customers,

Investors potential partners, according to the characteristics of each company.

Trust BILANX Division Consulting, including the detection of business opportunities and investment, analyzing and defining the steps to be followed according to the characteristics of each endeavor. Personal Assistance, includes monitoring of the best ways to link with customers, investors or potential partners , the implementation and organization of commercial missions.

Organization of Workshops Seminars and Work Encounters, or as the case may be, specific tailoring plans tailored to the company requesting the request. Implementation, Configuration and Start-up of strategic business development programs, specific advice for each project. Articulation of commercial promotion systems, strategic alliances, short-term agreements, surveying tasks, analysis of conjuncture. It is an irreversible need.

There are four fundamental reasons why companies are internationalized:

– Growth

– Competitiveness

– Diversification of markets.

-Ensure the production of elements that participate in the production process.

1.-    Growth;  Internationalization means expanding the company’s markets, allowing the business spectrum to be INCREASED STRONGLY, contributing both to the company and to society in general: higher production, more employment, more investment, more taxes for the public entity.- Internationalization allows increase the business volume of the company and indirectly; the income level of the economy as a whole.

  1.    Competitiveness; Internationalization is a way to increase the competitiveness of the company, which allows it to enter a VIRTUOUS CIRCLE: internationalization allows it to increase its competitiveness, this gain in competitiveness makes it easier to increase sales and investments in international markets, which At the same time, it continues to strengthen competitiveness.

Internationalization tends to generate a COST REDUCTION. The company can find cheaper supplies in international markets. Internationalization tends to generate a COST REDUCTION. The company can find cheaper supplies in international markets. Or it can transfer part of its productive process to locations with better cost conditions (first of all for labor, this has been the key reason for locating numerous industrial companies in the last decades, which moved their production to China, Morocco and others developing countries). The increase in the production volume represented by the export allows the company to take advantage of economies of scale, producing lower unit costs. Internationalization means submitting to the discipline of international markets, which encourages improvements in efficiency. We no longer have to compete only with the companies of our own country, but with companies from all over the world. Forcing the company to seek improvements in its operation, to innovate in its management procedures, to look for more economical raw material. The pressure to innovate, to be more competitive, to improve organization and management, is greater.

3.-   Diversification of markets; Internationalization ALLOWS DIVERSIFYING MARKETS AND AS A CONSEQUENCE RISKS. Companies that are not internationalized depend on their internal market. If this one suffers a crisis, and it is prolonged, the companies can suffer serious consequences, and even the risk of disappearance.

4.-   ENSURE THE SUPPLY OF INPUTS FOR YOUR PRODUCTION; For companies, which need inputs for their productive process that are not produced in the national market, internationalization IS THE ROAD TO ENSURE THE SUPPLY OF THOSE GOODS.

A finished example is that of Chinese companies, which have come to the markets INTERNATIONAL FOR THE EFFECTS OF ENSURING THE SUPPLY OF RAW MATERIALS -petroleum, minerals, food- that the Chinese economy lacks, at least WHEN THEIR PRODUCTION DOES NOT MEET THEIR NEEDS. Most of the energy companies are forced to the internationalization, to ensure the supply of gas, oil, for example, if these are not produced in their countries.