Liquidation Salaries and Wages


Our Firm is responsible for carrying out the entire process of liquidating the salaries of its employees. The main advantages for your company that this outsourcing entails are, among others:

Cost savings; since although there is a large amount of software designed for this purpose in the market, it has great associated costs, such as the hiring of specialized personnel, training tasks, computer maintenance of the system, database backup, purchase of updates, etc.

Optimization of time and resources; allowing you to focus on other business areas of your company to be able to completely ignore these tasks.

Confidentiality;being the process completely handled outside of your company.

Reliability of settlements;since our professionals are permanently updated with regard to the latest developments in the matter (laws, collective agreements, union / employer agreements, etc.)


Our services include:

-Liquidation of salaries, wages and social charges.
– Preparation and presentation of affidavits and union ballots.
-Issuance of salary receipts and registration in the salary book.
-Final liquidations.
-Multiple registrations, registrations and withdrawals of employees, preparation of service certifications.
-Assistance in the attention of inspections and requirements.
– Proactive advice on the different Collective Labor Agreements of the activity.
– Advice on the processing of book rubric.


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